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After Pelosi Insults 63 Million Trump Voters – Jim Jordan Turns The Tables On Live TV

It’s no secret that her impeachment scheme is struggling. Even with all the leaks, it doesn’t look like the Democrats have produced a shred of evidence to prove Trump broke the law.

But Pelosi can’t admit defeat. In fact, she seems to be losing her grip.

On live TV, during an interview on Face the Nation, she insulted 63 million Trump voters. How?

Well, Jim Jordan came on the show right after her and let her have it.

From Twitter:

“.@SpeakerPelosi called the President of the United States an “imposter.”

What an insult to the 63 million Americans who voted for President Trump and gave him an Electoral College landslide.”

Wow! Jim Jordan slammed Pelosi’s wild accusation that Trump is an “imposter.”

He said she was insulting the 63 million Americans who gave Trump the Electoral College landslide.

I guess Nancy Pelosi really doesn’t believe in our democracy anymore. How can any honest person say that Trump is an imposter when so many Americans fairly and legally cast their vote for him?

You know who is a real imposter? Someone that tries to undermine our democracy with a sham investigation.

Someone that thinks they can undo an election—and 200 years of democracy—with a bogus circus put on for the fake news.

Pelosi and her Democrats are trying to impeach Trump without presenting one piece of evidence.

Everything they’ve accused Trump of, going back to the Russian hoax, has been proven untrue. Yet they keep doing it.

Her party has been calling for impeachment since day one. Why? Because it appears Pelosi really does think Trump is an imposter.

I guess you can believe anything if you reject the facts and live in a fantasy world.

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