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Hours Before Trump’s Impeachment Rally – Video Shows Supporters In Bitter Cold Chanting ‘4 More Years’

If they’re willing to do that for Donald – a red wave is coming!

President Trump is fighting fire with fire. He’ll be holding a huge rally the same night Pelosi and her Democrats will be voting to impeach him.

The event will be in Battle Creek, MI, one of the states he flipped from blue to red in 2016.

It just so happens, it’s below freezing in this Midwestern state. But that hasn’t stopped countless Trump supporters from already lining up outside.

How are they keeping warm?

I’ll tell you: by chanting their support for Trump’s re-election campaign.

From Twitter:

Michigan Trump supporters chanting “4 more years! 4 more years!” in windy 18 degree cold, 6 hours before rally begins

Hours before Trump touches down in Battle Creek, his supporters are gathered outside the venue. Many of them burst into a chant of, “Four more years!”

Now, it’s no secret that Trump rallies are packed out. We’ve seen plenty of videos and photos of how crowds form hours (in some cases days) before the event.

But it’s pretty cold in Michigan right now. You have to be really devoted to brave the freezing temperatures, just to attend an event.

I mean, some people have lined up in the cold for movies and concerts, but a political rally?

That should tell you just how excited Americans are to give Trump another term in office.

On the day Democrats are trying to stop his America first agenda, Americans are proving (once again) how out of touch the left is.

You’d think Democrats would have come to their senses by now. But it seems that will never happen.

Would you wait in line to see Trump in the cold? What would you be chanting, along with these folks?

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