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Nancy Pelosi Caught Wearing Pricey Designer Mask – Looks like It Cost The Wealthy House Speaker Twenty-Two Dollars

Millions of Americans have been struggling to make ends meet. What has Nancy Pelosi been doing? Flaunting her wealth.

She showed off her expensive freezer and its contents: rows of gourmet ice cream. Meanwhile, she kept the House closed—as her allies keep getting paid.

And now, someone’s pointed out another way this Democrat shows off her $100 million+ net worth.

From Twitter:

Per label visible in photos, Pelosi is wearing a face mask made by this company Donna Lewis that says it donates a mask to Johns Hopkins for every one you buy for $22

A Twitter user pointed out, based on the label, Pelosi’s plague mask was made by a designer company. And costs $22 a mask.

Really, Nancy? Couldn’t just spring for cheap bandana? Or perhaps just cut up a t-shirt? Though, I’m sure her shirts cost way more than $22!

After the CDC recommended Americans wore face masks, demand skyrocketed. It was hard for some people to afford just basic coverage, as they sold out everywhere.

But Pelosi was able to nab one, for twice the average cost.

I’m sure she pats herself on the back because one was donated to Johns Hopkins, a medical school that can easily buy their own.

I wonder what Pelosi will do next to show off her wealth? Dump gold jewelry into the San Francisco bay? Who knows?

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