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Pelosi Wants To Empty Social Security To Pay The National Debt

The Socialist Democrats hate our benefit programs. These are the ones that we paid into all our working lives and are entitled to have paid back to us for our benefit in our golden years.

They are not ENTITLEMENTS, as the democrats like to say. They are programs which OWE US for what we gave to them. But leftists just see things like the Social Security Trust Fund as a piggy bank to dip into to pay for more of their socialist programs.

They think that OUR MONEY is part of the general revenue of the government, a reserve stash available to steal from at will.Nancy Pelosi is demonstrating this attitude once again with a shiny, new plan she’s proposing to the House of Representatives this week. This time, however, she doesn’t just want to dip in and take out “x” amount of cash. SHE wants it all.

Speaker Pelosi wants to raid the Trust IN its entirety in order to pay off the national debt. Never mind that the numbers don’t add up; doing so would bring an end to the Social Security program for good…..which has ultimately always been her plan. Here she is:

“Social Security is wonderful and all, but what is it really? An entitlement program for our seniors who didn’t do enough on their own to prepare for their retirement. It’s a government allowance paid to them because they screwed up. Now it’s time to pay for those screw ups and sacrifice for their country at the same time.

The Social Security Trust can pay off our national debt. This is the greatest economic benefit that this country could achieve. True patriots would do everything they could do help this become a reality.”

So Nancy’s plan is to make an entire generation destitute and homeless and she sees that as a great economic benefit. There is not anybody less intelligent on earth and a Democrat.

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